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"Kevin Buckley is a highly experienced recruiter with tremendous knowledge of the industry he serves, offering excellent advice to his clients as well as the potential candidates within the industry. In addition, he willingly and freely shares his expertise with job seekers, even those who are not within the sectors he serves. His "Insider's Guide To Job Search" is a valuable collection of tips, techniques, and well directed suggestions for improving the search as well as networking and negotiation in the 21st century.

Margaret Riley Dikel
author, The Riley Guide"

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Updated Job Search Resources:  

Updated Job Search Resources:

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Labour Market Information

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Living in Canada Wages Data

Newcomer Resources and Orientation  

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Step-by-Step Self-Marketing Plan
Resources for Differently-Abled People Canada Resources for Aboriginal People

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New: - JobHero - multiple links
New: - Find out what's involved in completing the online application process
New: - Job Search Resources section of these major internet research site
New: - Applications for top supermarket chains
New: - discover the steps required for various occupations
New: - National, provincial and bilingual jobs
New: - job boards and advice on job search
New: - Offers over 135,000 jobs in Canada
New: - Multiple job search resources
New: - Find on-line applications for work with Canadian companies
New: - Find hundreds of online applications and printable job forms
New: - Collection of downloadable job applications, salary data and local, personalized jobs.


New: - Career Resources for Veterans/USA - JobHero
New: - Extensive resources
New: - Jobs, Employment and Careers across Alberta, in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and across
BC in Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey, Burnaby, Kelowna, Vernon, Prince George and the Kootenays.
New: - Job, Employment and Careers Search Site; Accounting, Sales, Retail, Food Services, IT,
Construction, Trades, Automotive - jobs posted daily.
New: - BrainTrack -- Profiles and school listings for over 400 occupations that commonly require
higher education for entry or advancement. See: Student Resources
New: - On-line career development and jobs portal for Disabled/Differently-Abled people

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Criminal Background Checks - Verify Your Record
" Perseverance and Patience with the Hiring Process

All Articles:

Published Articles on Job Search - "The Insider's Guide To Job Search" 

Canadian Resources for Disabled Job Seekers
Riley Guide/Employment Resources For The Disabled for more sites

Patience In Negotiating Compensation - Reviewing Your Agreement
Creating Job Search Agents/Alerts - Search Engine Tips
Job Search For Mature Candidates Part 1   
Job Search For Mature Candidates Part 2
Job Search For Mature Candidates Part 3

Site of The Month: - " find jobs and see company salaries, reviews and interviews - posted anonymously be employees "
Click the "Advanced" search area at the top right of their home page to search using Canadian criteria.

Canadian Newspapers/Community Newspapers Association - Access Regional/Community newspapers

The Riley Guide - The first and best Internet Authority on Job Search
The Career Activist - Mark Swartz comprehensive articles & resources
Career Builder - Jobs by Location/Category and Career Advice
Internet Recruiter Directories - Find Recruiters by Location/Category
Job Bank - Canadian government job board with national coverage
QuintCareers - Extensive Job Search and Career Guidance tools
Indeed - One Search - All Jobs in Canada - captures multiple boards
CareerBeacon - Search by category and city - simple and effective
ListingsCanada - Dozens of job boards - Canadian content - Your Canadian Career Guide - Hundreds of links
The Directory of Canadian Recruiters - Website Links to recruiters - Company /jobs/interviews posted anonymously - Best Personal Salary Calculator I've found anywhere
Industry Canada - Associations, Companies, Chambers of Commerce
LinkedIn - The best professional business networking site
Best Answers To Tough Interview Questions - Questions to expect
Obtaining References - Alison Doyle, a leading internet authority
Social Media Background Checks - Tips to avoid hiring problems
Top Social Media Job Networking Sites - The ones to be aware of
Preparing A Plain Text Resume - Computer friendly posting/emailing
Salary Negotiation and Job Offer Tools - Resources from Quintcareers
XInterview Interviewing Questions - Pre- Interview Preparation Site
Oya's Directory of Recruiters - Search by Industry and Location
Media Job Search - Newspaper Job Ads - select by Province
Canada's Top 100 Employers - ranked by city/province
Canada's Largest Employers - by city/province - U of W. Ontario
Socioclean - Scan, Clean & Secure your Social Network content
LinkedIn Blog - LinkedIn Tips - current blog  and extensive archives
Best Resume Writing Software - Reasonably priced resume software reviewed

"Guerrilla Job Hunting", a Canadian site

Access Julie Bauke -

Know your rights: Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals in Canada:

Canadian Human Rights Commission

Some of our recent Twitter Tips:

Many candidates don't bother to research the employer; show the interviewer you made the effort and create buyer interest - best answers to tough interview questions - good tips for handling tricky questions 

No surprises. Know what is on your driver's record and credit history; update your credit file before authorizing background check.

step-by-step guide How To Research Companies: Quincareers

Two of the key attributes clients are looking for in this job-market are flexibility and accommodation of their needs - 10 things people ask employment lawyers - good article by Sheryl Smolkin and contain our published and un-published articles on job search and career issues - 10 ways to ace your performance review - good article from Sheryl Smolkin - Key Canadian Job Boards and Sites on - Xinterview site - Interview Questions - excellent tips on answering tough questions 

Worst method of sending a resume that we've seen so far - in a zip file with multiple attachments - not suggested - article by Alison Doyle, internet authority "References" how to secure employment references - Quint Careers Online Career Assessment Tools Review ed - aritcle: "Emailing Your Resume - Creating Buyer Interest" - basic tips to improve visibility 

Attitude is often a decisive factor when an employer decides between two equally qualified applicants - enthusiasm counts! - Article: " Overcoming Inertia - Moving Forward " - steps to move out of a career rut - Student job search resources - Cananda Student job-search sites, USA: Top10Links - IE Canada and The Logistics Institute have announced a new joint Executive Leadership Program - Resume Writer sites links on - from - Top Ten Social Media Sites To Find A Job - Good search engine for Canadian jobs by province and job - article: "Negotiating Compensation When Between Jobs" - tips - Freight, Customs, Logistics & SCM Industry Education Links in Canada - search engine for newspapers in Canada, identified by province - want ads options - Weddles Associations Directory - free resource by industry specialization and vertical market. - article: “Patience In Reviewing A Hiring Agreement” - look it over, what creative options exist? - - how to make the most of search terms in Google - Industry Canada bus. organizations and associations - great for research on companies 

Resume - explain gaps in employment on your resume if downsized to ensure reader is clear on the circumstances - article – “Handling A Low Salary Offer” - using a Salary Support document to improve your position - extensive database for research on companies in Canada by city, name, industry - article: “Self-Marketing In A Changed Marketplace” - tips on using your email message for maximum effect 

Stay with common fonts: courier, arial, times new roman for text; fancy fonts may distract reader from contents of cv - Links To Import/Export Websites - IE Canada - Importers/Exporters Assoc.  Canada 

Salaries - answer to the question "What salary are you looking for?" reply: "What is the mid-range for this job?" - CIFFA (Canada) Education Calendar updated, 2012 - advance your career

When responding to job ad number, try and include actual job title in Subject line to assist recipient to contact you - Our article: “Dealing With Discouragement - Daily Renewal Of Purpose” 

Send your resume to the hiring manager whom you would most likely report to; check company directory/contact us for emails - Listings Canada - Canadian content - dozens of job boards - article: “Your Interview Begins of the 'Phone” - Tips for an effective two-way exchange of information 

Funniest resume - more than seems possible... 

It's ok to include your cover letter text as part of your full resume; keep sentences concise, avoid rambling paragraphs 

Articles: coping with a bad boss - good ideas: - article on using the features of Linkedin - a primer

Careers In The Supply Chain - excellent flowchart of career 

If one door has closed for you, trust that another has opened elsewhere; your intention and perseverance will guide you

Search Jobs from Canada's top employers: search engine, multiple categories 

Interview: ask what the attitudes and values are that the company looks for in employees - is there a fit with yours? 

"The Contract Employee's Handbook" - great information, updated: R. Ziegler, Ph.D 

Resume - Average time recipients spend reviewing your resume is about 10-15 seconds, initially - create buyer interest asap

Excellent general info job search resources 

Telephone Interviews: have a list of points about achievements/strengths/experience to refer to as a memory aid on the phone 

Free Career Self-Assessment info from YSN: - values, goals, expectations - National Career Fairs - US site, by region - Article: “Resigning Without Burning Your Bridges” - making a graceful exit and keeping goodwill 

Interview: flexibility can be useful. If salary isn't adequate, trade-off for flex-hours or vacation days if an option 

"Military To Civvie Street", by Audrey Prenzel, a job transition 

The "Links" page of your industry's Associations can provide fertile ground for company names to research for job leads 

Best Educational Program for Corporate Logistics in Canada: P.Log (Professional Logistician) 

Distill the essence of who you are and why you should be hired to "impress the judges"; shorten to 2 min. maximum is the best site for US Veterans job networking

Chinese saying: "The palest ink is better than the best memory" Write your goals down to commit to them in daily life 

Excellent site with links to dozens of industry associations in 

Downsized? Use employment/severance/dismissal legal specialist to review severance package to rcv all owed to you by law - a unique site we created - for people in freight, customs and logistics in Canada 

Interview: have a thoughtful answer to "Why shoud we hire you?". Recap your experience/skills/desire/energy/enthusiasm 

Resources: one of the best job search resource sites, thousands of links: - everything you need there 

Interview: Pace/timing - TV announcers speak at a moderate speed; good voice modulation promotes clear communication.

Best times of day to send and follow up your resume: after a.m. email processed, say 930a and by 230p - most are back from lunch

See press-releases area of a potential employer's site to learn vital data about plans, employers like that initiative - How To Use Twitter for Social Learning - good introduction

If sending cv direct to company exec., cc HR Manager as a courtesy - you never know what other opportunities may arise internally - - Average Canadian Salaries for a wide range of positions - List of Recruiter Associations by Region - useful to identify specialists in your field, by region and focus.

Article 2 “Job Search For Mature Candidates”  - - many links - 

Put dates worked on your resume. Missing dates/years for jobs may be perceived as having something to hide = less buyer interest

Careers: - Jackson Vocational Interest Survey - self-discovery tool - highest recommendation - TwitJobSearch - a search engine for twitter - broad based positions - rated highly in Business Week, NY Times.

Interviews: It's ok to be a little nervous as it helps you avoid being complacent/over-confident; it keeps you alert/focused 

Create job-alerts on major job sites which automatically email you about jobs arising with your skills, experience and preferences

Interviews: Look directly into the interviewer's eyes when emphasizing a job skill or achievement; make that human connection 

Googling specific job titles and a location may bring up potential email contacts; customize search terms for your specific industry sector

Interviews: Be aware of signals of confidence or nervousness that you send: fold your hands, keep them away from your face

DiSC Profile System is an excellent self-discovery tool to determine your work behavioral style and workplace needs. Google: DiSC.

Industry Assoc. member lists/directories can be fertile ground for emails of hiring executives for senior jobs or network contacts

25 good Job-search engines in Canada: - enter job titles/region, see what comes up

Google specific job titles + municipality name; results may include specialist recruiters in your field and region = more options

 Be patient with inexperienced interviewer; he/she might decide

who is referred to his/her superiors for the shortlist - Top Employers in Canada for Canadians over 40y

Every email, phone call, every follow-up you do brings you closer to your goal, it is your faith expressed in action 

Handshakes: limp grasp = passivity; crushing = aggression/insecurity; interviewers form instant impressions thru body language.


The Mission:

To provide a trusted source of information on all aspects of Job Search with the emphasis primarily on carefully selected Canadian and American resources.
The information contained in this site will be relevant, focused and useful. We hope that this information will help you to open the right door
to your future success or provide timely guidance in your quest for the right opportunity. 

Author's Profile

Kevin Buckley, CPC is a Certified Personnel Consultant and Executive Search Specialist focused in International
Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage and Logistics in Canada.

As an Executive Search Specialist in the Transportation& Logistics sector since 1982, I have been involved in hundreds of search assignments.

This is a free Canadian resource of job search information. The information is updated on a weekly basis.
The articles guide the reader through the job search and career change processes.

What works? What doesn't? How do you separate yourself from the competition and stand out to the reader when applying for jobs?

To be successful in obtaining job interviews, think of yourself as a salesperson with a unique product to market - You.

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click image to access Table of Contents page
Self-Assessment - points to consider when you are looking to change jobs or take a new direction Resignations - tendering your resignation so that you retain goodwill and seal your decision A Guide to Successful Interviewing - extensive guidance on interviewing techniques and styles
Criminal Background Checks - make sure you know what is on your record to not be blindsided by past indiscretions Counter-Offers - how short-term compromises can result in unwanted consequences What's On Your Social Media Profile? - ensure there is nothing on your profile/s that negatively impact your chances
How To Stand Out From The Competition - preparation and clarity in communicating are essential to make the right impact Recruiters - What to Look For - signs to look for in selecting a recruiter to represent you, especially if you are currently employed Negotiating Compensation - determing what is important to you in negotiating your total package of compensation and benefits
Promotions - who gets promoted and why it isn't just how well you do your job that counts but also how you form strong relationships Job Boards & Internet Postings - tips on using job board postings effectively as a search tool, a handy resource that works for you 24/7 Assessing Potential Employers - points to consider in deciding if this is the right place for you to commit your time and energy to
Being Downsized - dealing with the shock of a termination and rising to the challenge it presents Making Contact Using the Internet - using web resources to identify potential hiring managers Questions to Ask Potential Employers - questions to determine performance expectations
Job Satisfaction - defining what job satisfaction means to you and your sense of self-motivation E-Resumes - What Works Best - guidance on using e-resumes to their best benefit For Recent Graduates - tips on self-marketing for recent Transportation program graduates
Overcoming Inertia - asking yourself the questions you need to move forward in your career Your Resume - Your Career Passport - constructing a resume that represents you well Tips For Using LinkedIn Profiles - from your profile picture to networking with Group members
Step-by-Step Self Marketing Plan - walks you through a systematic approach to job search Cover Letters - Brief and Focused - getting to the point in telling employers what you can do Newcomers Job Search Resources - extensive links and resources for Newcomers to Toronto

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