Job Search For Mature Candidates - Gathering Resources

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Job Search For Mature Candidates Part 2 - Gathering Resources        (Part 3)
by Kevin T. Buckley, CPC

Job Search For Mature Candidates - Gathering Resources

There are many resources for mature candidates to access on the internet as well as physically, divided into two main categories: The Internet and Public Library Resources.

Below are links to some of the best Internet resources we have found or created that provide useful articles or job search resources, many are aimed towards a mature audience.

Job boards directly related to hiring mature candidates:

Seniors For Hire - Resources for Mature Workers

Retirement Jobs - Jobs for People Over 50

Retired Worker - Home

Prime 50 - Home

Resources for 50-Plus Entrepreneurs SCORE

Other general job boards:

Job Boards and Posting Sites

Recruitment firms that focus in your industry or field:

Recruiter Directories

Industry associations and organizations in your industry:

National Professional Organizations

Site identifying the top employers that hire mature workers in your geographical area:

Top Employers for Canadians Over 50

AARP Top 50 Employers with 9,000 Jobs Open - Job Search News

Local job fairs, trade shows and exhibitions and other events:

Job Fairs & Training Exhibitions

National, regional and community newspaper websites for job ads:

Canadian Newspapers/Community Newspapers Association

Community Newspapers, Ontario

Social and Business Networking Sites:

Directory of E-Learning Tools -  Social Networks reviewed

Linked-in    Zoominfo    Facebook    Myspace    Twitter    Xing    Plaxo

Resume Preparation and Referral Services:

Resume Writing Resources

Labour Market Information in Canada:

Labour Market Information

Articles and other resources focused on the mature candidate:    Jobs For Seniors sites reviewed    Resources for Mature Job Seekers

Job and Career Resources for Mature, Boomer Job-Seekers    Should I Start My Own Company

Seniors, Boomers, Over 50 - Websites Directory

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In Part 3 we will construct a basic job search plan.

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