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Job Boards - Your Internet Postings
As published in The Flightpath News - January 22, 2003
  Job Boards: Your Internet Postings
  How do you receive information about new jobs when you are too busy to look? Create Job Search Agents to look for you when you post your resume online.

Many general job boards offer you this free service. Look for headings like Job Alerts or Career Alerts or Personal Search Agent on these sites. Usually, you have to register with a site to take advantage of these job-alert services.

The following Aviation and Freight sector Job Boards offer job search agent registration or useful related links to more options. The more specialized the job board, the more relevant returns you will receive for investing your time investigating them. is included here because it is a meta-search site that searches 30 Canadian job boards simultaneously.

To register your agent, you choose keywords and job titles that describe the types of positions you are looking for. Review the position descriptions of jobs that appeal to you. Select the titles and keywords that define the job skills and qualifications of those positions. You will receive email notification when new employers and recruiters post position descriptions containing keywords matching those in your job agent. To receive relevant postings, you need to be clear and specific in your selection of job titles and keywords.

For total discretion, consider creating a free email account with Hotmail, Yahoo or a similar site to process employer and recruiter responses. Avoid using your company email to process job search agent messages. Some firms monitor their employee emails for evidence of job-hunting through special software filters on their mail servers. Potential employers and recruiters are accustomed to people wanting to maintain confidentiality in their dealings with them especially when they are employed.

Read the instructions in each site carefully to make best use of the job search agent service. Some sites have better options than others. Review a number of different sites to see which ones have updated information, the best resources and working links.

Check to see if the job board has the option of removing your name, contact details and employer information to protect your privacy in posting your resume. You don't want your employer coming across your name during a resume search! Change your resume's home email address to the one for your job agents if it contains your name. This also helps to avoid spammers picking up your home email address from your Internet postings. Read the site's terms or privacy statement carefully when posting online to confirm that they will respect and maintain confidentiality.

Your resume should not waste words. Be clear and concise as you about your experience, skills, qualifications and expectations. Be sure to include a Skills Summary section with all of the relevant keywords contained in your job search agents.

Always double-check the content after posting your resume to make sure that the resume text has been rendered error-free and that your confidential information is protected properly.

You may choose to post your resume on a webpage that you create for this purpose. This gives you more creative control over the content. Don't distract the viewer with unusual graphics and animations. Send the link to your webpage by email to pre-selected recipients.

In creating job search agents and posting your resume on job boards you receive the benefits of having a discrete and personalized 24-hour job service that monitors and informs you of new career opportunities as they arise.

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