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Misrepresentation: Truth and Integrity

Misrepresentation: Truth and Integrity

As recruiters we sometimes receive resumes which upon review don't appear to "ring true".

On other occasions we will receive two applications for different posted positions from the same applicant which differ from each other in terms of date continuity, position responsibilities or titles.

The end result is that the application is rejected without further investigation as the attempt to tailor the resume to the demands and needs of the position have crossed the line of honesty.

It is tempting to want to tell the potential employer or employer's agent exactly what they seem to want to hear but in the end applicants who practice this sort of deception do themselves a  great disservice.

Never mind that stated facts on a resume can be checked and validated, the damage to one's personal integrity and the compromise of honesty that is involved can materially affect the positive momentum of a job search.

With employers retaining reference checking firms and with recent security initiatives delving deeper into a potential hire's employment background, credit history and checking for evidence of criminal behaviour, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain employment by dishonest means.

Newcomers may find themselves counseled by unscrupulous recruitment firms to "change" their resumes in order to better match the employer's hiring criteria. However, many employers include as part of a hiring agreement a clause stipulating that if any of the statements on an application form (including the resume) are found to be untrue in due course, employment will be summarily terminated.

If you are tempted to misrepresent yourself it is important to remember that your past and present accomplishments were more likely achieved as the result of honest work and effort. Do you not owe it to yourself and those who depend upon you to make the next step along the path to progress with your integrity intact?

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